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Pure Water Benefits

Your glass stays cleaner for a longer period of time saving you money. When glass and frames are cleaned properly with purified water, once a month is more than adequate.
No chemicals or detergents are used in this process, which in the long term can damage and deteriorate rubber seals on window frames and also leave a film of the glass for dirt to adhere too.
Less damage done to your property i.e. window sills scratched and marked by ladders, tiles broken when trying to access windows over lower roofs.
A much safer way to clean your property, not only for the cleaners, also the damage a falling ladder can cause.
All frames are always cleaned monthly. Ensuring not only does the glass stay cleaner longer, more importantly the same bucket of dirty water that has cleaned your neighbours windows isn't going to go over your clean frames and glass resulting in your UPVC turning grey over the years.

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