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Windows still dirty even after cleaning? This might explain why…

Probably the most common complaint that we hear from new customers, when they talk to us for the first time, is about window cleaners who don’t actually get the windows clean.

That must be pretty frustrating. After all, you’ve invested money in making sure your house or offices look sparkling, only to find that even after cleaning, the windows still look streaky and even a little bit grimy. It defeats the purpose of paying to get them clean, doesn’t it?

The science behind stubborn dirt on windows

We’re all a bit obsessed with cleaning technology. It’s hardly surprising, given that it’s what Gleam Team do! As a result, we’re always experimenting with ways of getting the best results for our clients, and in our opinion, only sparkling clean is good enough.

The problem that most window cleaners face is lack of purity in the water they use. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When the traditional window cleaner begins the job, he has a bucket of relatively clean water. So the first couple of windows would end up fairly clean. However, after a few more windows, the water starts to look rather grimy, and towards the end, positively dirty.

Pure Water Technology

We shudder at the thought of using dirty water to clean windows. It’s completely counter-productive, and a sure-fire way of making sure that you’re wasting your money on substandard cleaning.

Instead, what we use is Pure Water Technology. Rather than settling for water straight from a tap, which contains chemicals, sediment and dirt, we filter our water not once, but three times. This triple-filter process ensures that the water isn’t just free from grime and dust, but chemical-free too, which can make a real difference to the quality of cleaning.

How Will Pure Water Technology Benefit Me?

The main benefits are:

• Dirt-free water, which leaves no sediment on your glass.
• Chemical-free, which means streaking is reduced and there is no unpleasant build-up on the window.
• A longer-lasting clean, working out cost-effective in the long term.

In addition to using Pure Water Technology, we also clean the frames of the windows, at no extra cost. Why? Because dirty frames are a guaranteed way of ensuring that your windows become dirty again, very quickly indeed. If all areas surrounding the glass are clean, then you can be sure that the windows will remain clean for a greater length of time.

Pure Water results: or you don’t pay a penny!

We always think it’s important to put your money where your mouth is. We’ve got complete faith in the technology of triple-filtered water, which is why we offer a complete money-back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with your clean. Why are we so confident? Quite simply, we’ve put the technology to the test countless times, and we know it produces impressive results.

If you want to enjoy sparkling windows, then put us to the test. Try Pure Water Technology, and see what you think! To book a visit, or to have an informal chat, just call us on 01744 333 002 / 0800 610 1001 or email us at [email protected].