Window Cleaners

window cleaning“Triple Filtered Water, Spotless Windows And Frames, No Ladders Required…So No Damage To Your Property!”

One of the main problems with traditional window cleaners is the further they get around your house (and others), the dirtier the water becomes. So your windows end up being washed in dirty water, plus most don’t clean your frames which can lead to your windows becoming dirty again faster.

Another problem is if ladders are used, they can also damage your window sills or guttering whilst lent against them. We get told this by new clients on a regular basis.

So what’s the solution?

Based in St Helens, Gleam Team are one of the best local window cleaners in the area. We use triple filtered, pure water to clean your windows and frames to make sure we get them looking absolutely spotless.

And because we use a long reach cleaning system, there will be no damage to your property whatsoever.

No streaks, no marks, no scratched window sills or cracked gutters! Just a gleaming, shining finish.

Do you happen have a window above your conservatory that you can’t reach to clean? That’s no problem for us, this is easily reachable with our long pole system, so we’ll have it shining for you in no time.

We’re so confident in our work, we offer an ironclad guarantee….

“If it doesn’t look like new, you don’t pay a penny!”

You can’t get any fairer than that.

So if you’re unhappy with your current window cleaner or you just want to get your windows and frames looking like new again, give us a call on 01744 333 002 for a free no obligation quote.

You can also get in touch via our contact page.