Terms & Conditions


If you’re not happy with the overall finish of any work undertaken, you don’t have to pay.

No need to sign any long binding contracts with us for commercial buildings or apartments. The day your not happy with our services or our competitive pricing, just call us and we’ll terminate your agreement.

All work carried out by the Gleam Team will be done by our employees only and not contracted out to any other companies or persons. Maintaining the highest standard and assuring the customer of our continued quality and service.

The frequency of our services is completely negotiable to each customer whether it’s a one off conservatory clean or an ongoing weekly/monthly contract, whatever suits the customer. Ensuring that cleaning is only carried out when needed and not just because your tied to a weekly contract.

Only tried and tested cleaning methods and materials will be used on your property, preventing any permanent stains or damage to your building.

All our quotes are free of charge and with no obligation of using our services and they are also valid for six months.

All work will be carried out on time when required, obviously weather permitting, at times of bad weather and dangerous conditions to prevent any accidents or damage to the property you will receive a phone call to reschedule the appointment to the nearest best day that suits you.

All customers will have a 24 hour contact line if you need to get in touch with us to answer any of your questions, reassure any work or reschedule or cancel your agreement.